Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Isaiah's Day Out

This week I went to a Genesis Energy science course. When we went there the first thing we did was go into the hall and watch a video about this street in Auckland where all of there power comes from solar panels it was fascinating. After that we did some courses the first one that I did was investigating what angle would be the best for a solar panel and which angle would catch the most sunlight. we found out it was a 60 degree angle. After that course we went to a course where you build stuff that runs of solar energy we made a fan, a radio, and a light bulb it was interesting and I also found out that you can use the solar panels for anything electronic. Then we went to a course where you learn about inferred light and ultra violet. At that course we also put on these special glasses where you can look at the sun and it would be a little orange ball.  Then we had another video about sustainable resources and what using coal for power does to the Earth. What a great day!

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