Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meet Isaiah Our New Teacher

This afternoon Isaiah was the teacher. He was in charge of teaching maths. We have been focusing on graphs so he showed the class how to make a graph in Excel. Firstly he decided what we were going to gather information on, Room 15's favourite colours. We gathered the data as a class, then it was Isaiahs turn. He showed the class step by step how to make a graph. Once he showed them the basics he showed them a few more advanced things that can be done, then he gave them an opportunity to experiment.
Isaiah felt he did a good job because all the boys listened well to him and he knew what he was talking about which made it easier. Isaiah recognised the few challenges he did face. A few boys has issues with their graphs and he was unsure how to fix it. I think he was a great teacher. Boys what do you think?

Here are some of the graphs they made.




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  1. I like how you guys have all used different colours and graphs.from Abigail