Monday, September 19, 2011

USA Rugby Team Email

Today we were so excited, we got an email back from the USA Rugby Team. We asked them a couple of questions and they answered them for us. Lucky us! Check out what they said.

What’s it like playing rugby in America compared to New Zealand?
1) Rugby in America is a very small sport compared to American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and several others. Not many people know about rugby and the National Team has around 3,000 to 4,000 people attending a match when played in America, which compared to 40,000 or more in New Zealand is quite a difference. Plus the population of America is around 300 million people, compared to 4 million in New Zealand.

How do you feel about being part of a team playing in the Rugby World Cup?
2) The RWC is the ultimate tournament in the rugby world. To get the opportunity to represent your country at the RWC is an amazing feeling, and these moments are very very special, as they might not come again. Having the tournament in NZ is extra special because of the rich rugby culture and support here.