Friday, October 15, 2010

What a busy Day!

Our day started off with use rearranging the little bits and pieces of furniture in our class ready for us to get our other furniture back (we hoped).
Next Room 1 came to our class for buddy time. The students were split into groups. 2 people from each group had 3 minutes to get as much stuff as they could grab from Room 1, that would be good to build the tallest safest tower. After a very quick 3 minutes the building started, some were successful, some not so lucky! Congratulations to the winning team.

After morning tea, we all wrote our weekly reflections. Check out the students blogs to see how their weeks have been.

Ms O'Connor then gave us a visit. YAY! we get our furniture back.

To celebrate and finish off our inquiry topic we made healthy pizza's and smoothies. They looked so good. Mrs Steedman said that we should go into the pizza making business. Most people loved their pizza's but not all of the reactions were good.

Lastly we finished our day off with being introduced to our new inquiry, CO2 cars. Check out the you tube clip I showed the class. Looks like fun.

Phew, what a busy day!

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  1. Oh my groggly eyes and I can't wait when the winner faces Mr Peterson. This will be sooooooo much fun.