Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Camp - Wednesday

Written by Tarron

Yawn! At 7am in the morning we all climbed out of bed and slowly dressed and packed our day packs and headed off to breakfast.  For breakfast we had a choice of crunchy toast, cornflakes, flaky Weet-bix and Rices with a milo. My group had to do our duty. It was mopping and sweeping up the floors after breakfast. Once we finally finished our duty we made lunch for the day it looked yum.
When we were all ready we hopped on the bus and left to go to smelly Kuirau Geothermal Park. Kuirau Park had a lot of mud pools and boiling hot water, it was smelly. After we looked at the mud pools and boiling water we went over a bridge, it took us across very hot steaming water. It was awesome.
Everyone was really excited because when we left Kuirau Park we arrived at the gondola/luge. I think it was the highlight of my camp. First we went up the gondola and had morning tea. What a sight it was looking over Rotorua. After morning tea we all got our helmets and headed to the luge. First we all did the really slow beginners track. Nick my group leader and I were the first to cross the line. After the beginners track I went on the advanced track, it was so fast. I felt like a Cheetah. There was one part where I crashed, it was on a sand barrier because I did a jump and forgot I had to slow down.
After the Luge the class went back down the gondola and left for Paradise Valley Springs Lion Park. When we arrived at the Lion park we had lunch and went in and had a look in the shop. As soon as we walked in we saw a fluffy soft giant stuffed Kiwi. The first thing my group did was look at the young lion cubs. We even got to pat the lion cubs, it was awesome as. After the cubs we went and met the donkey, we named it John key the donkey. We carried on walking until we came to the trout feeding area and fed the trout. After that we looked at all the other animals. After that we all had an ice block each. Finally it was time to see the lion feeding, there was a really greedy lion king called Max. He kept on eating all the other lion’s meat. It was funny. 
YAY! It was time to have a swim we all got out of the bus and rushed to the changing rooms. When we got changed we all ran to the pool and dived in. It was funny because Wiremu did a funky bomb into the pool and we all laughed.
After the swim we all got dressed and jumped back in the bus and left to the camp grounds. When we all arrived at the camp grounds we had a fun as game of tackle bullrush. It was funny because the smallest person in our class, Kahu played it. Kahu got passed around 10 people and we all cheered for him, it was amazing. After bullrush we had dinner watched another movie, the Muppets then went to bed. My cabin didn't go to sleep straight away because we kept on talking, it was funny. What a great day!

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