Saturday, March 9, 2019

Be Safe. Be Seen.

Be Safe. Be Seen. That's what is written on the back of our bright yellow vests. McCarthy Transport came to talk to the school about being safe when around trucks. We learnt lots of information about trucks and how to be safe when we see them. Our class was so lucky to be the only ones to walk down to Springvale Stadium and see the trucks up close. Sitting inside the cab we realised that the drivers can not see as much as we thought in their mirrors. It gave us a real insight to where we have to be to be seen by the truck drivers. What an amazing experience. We got to take the vests home so we can wear them when we are walking or biking around our community so we can be seen and be safe.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Water Fight

What an awesome day for a water fight! He Puna Hangahanga got together with He Puna Kawenga and He Puna Pumanawa for a water fight on the astroturf. We split into our houses and the battle was on! With safe areas to fill up our water guns and bottles while others were running around trying to defend our house. Loud screams and laughter were heard and there was even a few people trying to hide behind teachers for protection. Cant wait for another water fight in term 4.

Aiming High!

We have all chosen a goal to work on and are now aiming high to achieve these.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Random Acts

A week ago we celebrated Radom Acts of Kindness. Room 7 surprised us by doing our rubbish and recycling job for us. We went around and did rubbish pick up for the entire school. One of our lovely parents brought in some delicious raspberry buns for us and one boy even brought in some delicious lollies for the teachers to have in their after school meeting. It was great to see everyone being extra kind to everyone this week.

Cup Stacking

Stack 10 cups to make a pyramid without using our hands. That was the instruction we were given! We worked in groups and all we were given was a piece of string, rubber band and 10 cups. Some groups thought it was impossible, some groups persisted and some groups even tried to cheat! After one group kindly shared their idea we started to have some success.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Symmetrical Aliens

We have been working hard creating symmetrical name aliens. We traced around our names, cut them out and then coloured them in with crayons. We have so many different aliens hanging in our room now. They look great!


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Welcome Back

We are so happy to be back at school. We all had such a great holiday. Everyone is keen to see what this year will bring. Check out our amazing class. What a great bunch!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Camp to Rotorua and Taupo

What an amazing Rotorua and Taupo camp He Puna Hangahanga had last week. Non stop fun and exploring two great towns. We learnt that Rotorua is a volcano! That freaked some of us out until we were told it last blew thousands of years ago.  Exploring all the different hot pool and gysters was fascinating and we even got to be scientists! On a beautiful morning the views from the gondola were amazing. We loved racing down the hill on the luge, whizzing past all the adults. We learnt about different birds, fish and other animals at Rainbow Springs and had a great trip on the boat to see the rest of the area with a big splash at the end. Sleeping in a cabin with our classmates was noisey and often smelly at times! Sitting around the table at meals times we talked about our day and what was ahead for us next. Roaaaaar! The lions were so loud. They loved eating their feed of meat. Lots of us had never been so close to a lion before. Rotorua Redwood forest walk was amazing especially at night with the beautiful lanterns (made by local artists) that lit up the wooden bridge walk. We couldn’t believe how high we were in the Redwood forest. One of our favourite adventures was on the duck tour on a WW11 landing craft for an amphibious sightseeing around Rotorua and their lakes. Singing, laughing and blowing our duck whistles louding going as fast as the vehicle could take us. In Taupo we could not believe the rush of water as we looked at the Huka falls. What a great sight. At the prawn farm we had a tour and walked around the farm trying lots of different activities. Lots of us went fishing for prawns but only a few of us were successful and caught one.
We would love to thank the parents that helped us over our time at camp. It would not have been possible without you. Not to mention all the other parents and families that supported us with fundraising to get us there.

For some of us, this was our last camp at Carlton and we will take away lots of great memories. For the rest of us we can’t wait for next years camp! I wonder where we will be exploring?

Thursday, November 1, 2018

St John First Aid Course

On Wednesday we were lucky enough to have Mel from St John come and teach us a first aid lesson. We learnt the steps to take if someone was injured and/or unconscious. We also learnt what first aid kits should have in them and how to bandage a wound. It is really important to know what to do in different situations. Thanks Mel for teaching us all about St John and first aid.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Shake Out

"Earthquake!" Mrs Palmer shouted. Drop, cover and hold! Some of us were under tables holding onto a leg, some of us were on the floor and well away from the windows doing the drop, cover and hold position. Mrs Palmer stood in the door way to keep it clear for us to get outside. After a minute Mrs Palmer said the shaking had stop for now and was safe to get up. We walked out the back door and met the rest of our class on the field by our class number. Some of our class were outside doing fitness with Mrs Steadman and had to do the drop, cover and hold position on the field! Charlie said Mrs Palmer gave him a fright when she shouted out earthquake. But that is what a real earthquake is like. It happens when you are not expecting it! Our class did a great job during the national wide shake out drill inside and outside the classroom.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Inter School Cross Country

Mrs Palmer took a team of 20 to the Inter School Cross Country last week. We were lucky enough to send 5 of our class to represent our school. They did an amazing job and placed high as there were about 200 competitors in each race. Travis was 12th, Mase 20th, Yoonsu 50th, Vetaia 80th and Mack 91st. We are so proud of the effort you put into the race. It was challenging, long and muddy!

Duffy Role Model

On Tuesday we had Jesse Toderan come and talk to us at our Duffy Role Model Assembly. He grew up in Canada and moved to New Zealand when he was 16 years old. Over the past year he has been  training to be a pilot in the Royal New Zealand Navy. His dream of becoming a pilot started at 11 years old when he started reading books that interested him. Jesse motivated us to read more books now as children as he wished he had read more when he was younger. Read books that interest you and don't forget to dream!
Jesse gave us three pieces of advice to take away.
1. Don't play as many video games and read books.
2. Play outside with your friends.
3. Dream.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Year 6 Visits

This week our Year 6's went to visit Wanganui Intermediate to try out some of the specialist subjects. We were put into groups and rotated around four of them. At cooking we made fruit kebabs. In science we planted a pea seed which we hope they grow when we take them home. We loved robotics where we programmed robots and they had a fight with each other. Hard materials was cool as we got to make a wooden pen. Creating animals for a outside scene was challenging in the art session. Our morning was lots of fun and we even got to have morning tea sitting around the fish pond.

Wanganui Intermediate invited us to their production 'The Little Mermaid'. For some of us it was the first time in the Opera House. What an amazing place. The show was fantastic and we all really enjoyed the singing, props, costumes and seeing some of our old Carlton School students in the production.