Thursday, September 17, 2020

Saving Sammy

To use the team work skills we have learnt over the last few weeks we had the task of 'Saving Sammy'. 

Sammy had been on his boat and it sank and he ended up on top of the boat and his life ring was under the boat. Can you get the life ring around Sammy only touching the paper clips?

The rules were ...

You must not touch anything except the 4 paper clips you have to help you.

Sammy must not fall to the ground move than 4 times otherwise he drowns.

You must not stab Sammy and hurt him or stab the life ring or it will pop.

We soon found out that his task was very challenging and some of us got lustrated. Our teams kept persisting and we all achieved the task and released thinking creatively and clear communication was key to our success.

Look at our videos below to see how we got on.

Video Clip 1

Video Clip 2

Video Clip 3

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