Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Camp - Tuesday

Written by Kahu

My eyes burst open on Tuesday, I leapt out of bed and splashed sub-zero cold water onto my face and packed all of my stuff, double checking that I had everything and I went straight to school. I packed my stuff into the bus and we left for camp.
The bus trip seemed never-ending until finally we arrived in Raetihi for morning tea. We had a play on the playground and then left for Taupo. When we got there we had lunch at a playground. After a good stretch and run-around we headed on another long trip to Rotorua.  
In Rotorua the first thing we did was the duck tour. That took us around Rotorua, it was REALLY smelly. We went into Blue Lake, it was also called lake Tiki Tapu because a maori woman lost a sacred tribal necklace in it. The driver told us about each place we saw.
After the duck tour we headed for Keswick Camp. When we arrived we unpacked the bus and set up our gear. Once we set up we could go and play. After we had a play we went into the dining hall for dinner. After a delicious dinner of roast beef and veges we brushed our teeth, got into our pyjamas and headed over to a room with our sleeping bags and watched a movie, School of Rock. It was LOL funny. After the movie we all went to bed and got a good night’s sleep.

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