Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Camp - Friday

Written by Keylen When I woke from my deep sleep I got up, got my gear ready and pack it into the bus. We were off again. Today was our last day on camp. As I was getting onto the bus I thought to myself "Mmmmmmm! Today at the prawn farm I'm hopefully going to catch a prawn at the prawn fishing area." When we arrived at the prawn farm a tour guy showed us around. He showed us where they put the different prawn pools. Some of the prawns were 3 quarters the size of my arm. Next prawn fishing. Yay! I said to myself as we were going to get our gear for prawn fishing. I caught quite a lot of prawn at the prawn farm a few years ago, I was hoping to do the same again this year. We had to use a bamboo stick, good tight string and a hook. We also got a cup of prawn food. We were starting to throw our hooks out I looked over and saw Cole had already put his in and Bam, he had caught a prawn that was about half of the size my arm. About two minutes later I got a bite and Ka Pow! I pulled and pulled but rod but it flung out of the water. The prawn took my food and got away, I was so disappointed. After about 25 minutes of fishing it was time to put our gear away and head to Turangi. At Turangi we went to the Trout Centre. The trout centre had thousands of trout in their pools and ponds. There was a guy that told us how different breeds of trout, what they eat, and how many they breed. It was amazing how many trout they have. We got to feed the trout and where ever you put the food they all come rushing to you. After that we started to head back to Wanganui. On the way we stopped off at Raukawa Falls to have lunch. Raukawa Falls was way different to Huka Falls because Huka falls is much bigger. We started to head home after that. The ride back was so fun because me and Cole were just talking and making up jokes. What a great camp!


  1. What a great camp. I hope we can do another one just like we did earlier this year. Also I had the best time of my life =).

  2. Oh man I wish we could do another camp like that too.

  3. I know I'm such a great writer and the camp was amazing.
    By Keylen