Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Camp - Thursday

Written by (Isaiah)

Woohoo! Today was the most exciting day of all, we were going to the new camp in Taupo but first came all of the most painstakingly boring cleaning jobs ever. After a long and painful experience, it was time to pack up and leave.
First up on the list was Redwood Forest. Once we arrived we were blown away by how ginormous the trees were. It took 10 people to wrap right around the whole trunk of the tree. Afterwards we went on a scavenger hunt and had an explore around. 
Next on the list was the Lava Glass Studio. The vases were amazing. We even got to go in and watch the artist make the ornaments and glasses. The artist was awesome at making vases especially when it comes to adding details. He was making them in less than ten minutes!
Finally it was lunch time so we stopped off at Huka Falls. The first thing I did was shove the delicious bread roll into my mouth. It was so juicy and delicious. Afterwards we had a quick look at the falls and hit the road again.
Next was the Honey Hive. We arrived and had quick lesson about bees and how they work. Then we headed off to explore the place. The first thing that came to my eyes was the film that was playing. So I sat down and watched it.
 Oh yeah next on the list was the Volcanic Activity Centre. This was the most interesting place because we were watching a screen which showed where earthquakes were happening and it showed the scale of them too. After that I headed to the earthquake simulator. It shook us so badly that I fell of my seat. Finally it was film time so we went into another room and watched a film about the earthquake in Christchurch and the Mt Ruapehu blowing its top.
Last but not least we went to our new camp. It turned out to be quite a cool camp. By then it was dinner time so we headed and had a beautiful BBQ for dinner. But desert topped everything we had a giant ball of candy floss bigger than our heads! Afterwards we played board games then went to bed.   


  1. Thursday at camp was my favourite because we did more.

  2. Great story about Thursday at camp Isaiah.It was an awesome day because we did a lot of fun things.

  3. That camp was really cool my favourite day was probably Thursday. We went to more fun places than we did all the other days