Monday, March 11, 2013


Today I told the boys they had an opportunity to play Minecraft. They all thought I was nuts allowing them to do this. However, there was a catch. As they were playing the game they had to think... is this game educational? What are they learning to do? If they can prove to me that it is, we will play it some more in class. I can't wait to see if they can come up with some great ideas. Watch this space and I will let you know what they think.

Here is the trailer for the game. Can you think of any ideas just by watching the trailer?

Click on the link to have a go yourself. Minecraft


  1. When I first heard Mrs Larsen say that we were going on Minecraft everyone went wild so I thought it was fun.

  2. Ha Ha Ha, Joshua H thought Mrs Larsen was pulling our leg when she said we could play Minecraft.

  3. That was the coolest video of Minecraft!!!!!!!!!

    from: Kavindu, Jesse

  4. I thought that it was really cool when we played Minecraft. I did'nt think Mrs Larsen would let us play Minecraft in class time.I hope we get to play it more often.