Friday, March 13, 2020


For art we have been learning about Cubism.

The word "cubism" sounds like it might be about cubes or blocks (kind of like Minecraft), but it is actually a style of art that was started by Picasso and his friend Georges Braque in France in 1907. 

Cubism is a style of art which aims to show more than one viewpoint of a person or object at the same time. 

It is called Cubism because the items represented in the artworks look like they are made out of cubes and other geometrical shapes.

We decided to create our own cubism self portraits. First we folded our paper to make the different shapes. Next we drew the features of our face on based on Picasso style. We went over our features and over the lines with sharpie. Lastly we coloured each shape in with bright colours. They look amazing!

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