Friday, June 1, 2018

Making Our Own Paint

Today Mrs Palmer said to us that we had run out of paint and we couldn't paint a picture. She said that we could work on our own or with a buddy. We got a cup and a paint brush and went to explore and find some ingredients to make our own paint. Some of us went outside, others found some things inside the classroom. It was lots of fun trying different ways to make paint. When we had something we thought might work we tried it out on our paper. Some of us had great success and others needed to try another way to make paint. We had lots of wonderings about paint when we had finished. For example Who was they first person who made/invented paint? Who invented the paint brush?
What was the first type of paint made of? Are there different types of paint? How does paint work? We look forward to exploring some of these wonderings during the term.

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