Sunday, September 17, 2017

Science at Te Manawa

"Can you make the popcorn dance?" Was our challenge from the scientist at Te Manawa.  We followed the instructions of the experiment working as a group of five.  As we added vinegar and baking soda to our water and popcorn we could not believe our eyes when the popcorn started to move up and down in the jar!  How was that happening?  We wrote down our observations like good scientists do and discussed them with the other groups.  We found out that when you mix an acid and a base like vinegar and baking soda it creates carbon dioxide.  As the popcorn floated with the carbon dioxide bubbles they moved up the water and when the bubbles popped at the top the popcorn then came back down.  We didn't realise how much science when into such a simple experiment.  We can be scientist everyday!

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