Thursday, May 26, 2016

New Role Models!

In the Lions Learning Den, we have 3 reasons to look for great role models in our class. The first one you can get by Striving for Accuracy. Which means you’re always trying your best and finding new ways to complete it. The winner for Striving for Accuracy is Jake. Our 2nd one is the King of the Den. Which means you have to get your work done on time and be a great role model. And the winner for King of the Den is Kainoa. Our last one is the Blogging King. This means that you have no mistakes on your blog and not messing around with the colours,fonts and sizes. And the winner for the blogging king is Blake R. Well done to these 3 boys. They have been trying so hard. Keep an eye out for next week’s winners.


  1. For my prize I got a rubber band that says star student.

  2. Well done everyone. I knew you could do it. I'm not surprised.