Friday, January 30, 2015

Weekly Reflection T1W1

What: This week was our first week back at school. We made some amazing name monsters using crayons and dye. We've got brand new HP Chromebooks.  We set them up by with Mrs Larsen's help after that we wrote our holiday stories. On Thursday we went swimming in the school pool. We wrote some goals for the term. We started making lions handprints.

So What: We learnt how to set up chromebooks. Riley learnt how to put up the school flag because that is his responsibility. We learnt how to make a lion from our handprint.

Now What: Our goals for next week are to make sure we put our things away and we don't blurt!


  1. Hi Room 15 I hope you enjoy using your new computers!

  2. Hi Room 15 your new computers are pretty cool. I hope they are working really well.

  3. I think that the new computers are different but I still like them.Do you like the computers Mrs Larson?

  4. Wow room 15 I wish I had a hp chrome book they look very cool.