Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blogging Challenge

This week for the blogging challenge we made a list of what we thought the secret could be.

1. Secret Village for elf people.
2. Tiny fairy village in the trees.
3. A house with a witch living in it.
4. Santa!
5. The smurfs.
6. Fake wall that when you walk into it, it takes you to a secret city.
7. Abandoned mine with tonnes of stuff still left in it.
8. A dragon protecting treasure.
9. Minecraft village.
10. A hidden kingdom full groovy Greeks.
11. A cave that takes you to a different dimension filled with mystical craetures.
12. Dinasaurs protecting villages.
13. Zombies
14. Massive spider on its web guarding a big pyramid.
15. Tigers protecting the hills.
16. Cyclops protecting a nest.
17. A portal when you walk into it, it takes you to a village filled with old people and old looking houses.
19. A cage full of naughty people.

The boys have also completed the challenge. Check out their blogs down the side to see what they came up with.

1 comment:

  1. That was so fun using wild self for a secret