Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Well I'm Confused!

I went onto our blog to publish a few of our draft posts and guess what I discovered. I couldn't believe my eyes! All of our post between now and August the 13th were gone. Yes you read correctly GONE! How did that happen? Panic set in. All that hard work gone!

So...I did a lot of searching and managed to find some old post. I have copied and pasted them below.

Unfortunately all of our draft posts are gone! I'm not clever enough to work out how to get those back. So over the next few days we will try to restore our blog and rewrite some of our latest interesting posts.


  1. Oh that must been so annoying all that hard work gone down the drain.

  2. That is terrible. Room 15 always has so many great blog posts. I am sure you will fill up the pages fast with all the work you do! I will look forward to reading all your news and experiences.
    Ms Whitwell

  3. I feel sorry for you Mrs Larsen I hope you can restore more of your posts. =[

  4. Sorry for the missing post incident. it was crack up and stupid at the same time. yours sincerely HACKER007