Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Quad Bloggers, we have some questions for you...

Wow, we were so overwhelmed with the amount of comments left. Thanks so much.

A few people asked some questions so here goes.
We are Yr 5/6 (age 9/10) and all boys! Which is rare. We are one of only a few all boys class in a primary school in all of New Zealand.
The bugs in the photo are our 2D bugs we are still working on our 3D, they will be finished very soon. We are adding eyes and legs now. We will put a photo up of them shortly.
For P.E at the moment we are learning ball skills. We are learning to catch, pass, throw, and hit a ball correctly in lots of different situations. We are lucky to have the Intermediate school teach us some of these skills.
The supervised game we were playing is T.Ball its just like softball but instead of someone throwing the ball it sits on the tee. Do you have T.Ball at your school?


  1. oliver.j thurlton primary schoolMay 2, 2012 at 7:42 AM

    That sounds really interesting

  2. Hello, Mrs Ryder here. My Year 7's are going to answer all of your excellent questions!

    1. Hi ,I am Josh. I eat my hot dinner with my friends in the refectory. We have 13 students in my class. We have a black and white uniform at Funess Academy.No we don't have a mascot.

  3. My name is Sophie from Furness Academy . At lunch time I eat my lunch in the Refectory and hang around with my friends and there is 13 people in my class. Yes we do wear a uniform for school, we wear a black blazer and black pants with a white shirt and a tie. No we do not have a class Mascot.

  4. Hello,Demi here.We have 15 people in are class. We have to wear a uniform which is black blazer and gray ties and also black school shoes i do not like my uniform. At lunch time i usually get pizza after that we go out side play around or go to the libary or we go up steers and mess around. We do not have a mascot.

  5. Hi my name is Liam I go to Furness Academy Year 7 in Barrow in furness. At lunch time I play football with my friends and we wear a black uniform full time. We do not have a swimming pool. We don't have a class mascot.

  6. Hello this is Shannon here. I am in year 7 at Furness Academy in Barrow, England. We have 15 students in our class. It is mixed with boys and girls.We have to wear a uniform. It is a black blazer and a grey tie. I am not that keen on my uniform ans also black school shoes. at lunch time i eat a hot dinner then after that me and all my mates go outside in the playground. we do noy have a moscor.

  7. My name is Alice and I am from furness Academy. I am in year 7. At dinner time we go in to the refectory we sometime have pizza or sandwiches. There is 13 people in our class. We have to wear a uniform. Mine has a different coloured tie to others as we are in different coloured houses. We do not have a mascot

  8. my name is Chelsea,from Furness Academy. I am in year 7. At dinner time we go in the refectory to have a pizza or a sandwich. There is 13 people in our class. We wear uniform. We do not have a school mascot.

  9. Hi I am Lee from Furness Academy,UK
    I eat my packed lunch with my mates and play outside.We hawe 13 in class. We wear black blazer and trousers, white shirt and house tie.We do not have a mascot.