Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hello from Thailand

Well after a long flight we arrived! It took 12 hours on the plane. As you can imagine I watched lots of movies. We got to our hotel at 3am NZ time, but it was only 10pm in Thailand. Today we went for a tour around the city and we went to lots of Temples. We didn't know but this weekend is a long weekend. It's Buddhist day tomorrow so it's very busy especially the Temples. At night we went to a traditional Thai dinner and dance. Everything is just so different here. Check out the photos below and tell me what you think.

Kingi's first night in Thailand

The view from our hotel window


Thai Dancers


  1. The Thai dancers are so.... Unique! Kingi looked tired... The view from the hotel window looks amazing.... It looks so busy in Thailand.

  2. I hope Kingi had a good day in Thailand. By DJ

  3. WOW Mrs Larsen the view from the hotel was amazing. The Thai dancers are good at dancing. I think Kingi would have been tired.