Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Room 12 and 15's Trip Around Wanganui

On Tuesday morning Room 15 was so existed to go on the big trip around Wanganui. The first thing we did was go to Room 12 to get our Buddy's to go to the bus. Our first stop was the lake. When we got to the lake we had a tour around the lake. We saw a lot of ducks and Geese and some pukeko's.

Our next stop was Kowhai Park. When we were a Kowhai Park we had morning tea and we played everywhere.

After that we went to the the Water Tower. When we got there we all tried to draw the tower.

While we were at the water tower Mrs Larsen said that we were going to Queens Park next. At Queens Park we read a story Charlotte and the lion. The setting was based on Queens Park. After the story we had some lunch and played. We just loved rolling down the big hill.

The next interesting thing was Moutoa Gardens. While we were there we saw the Carlton School flowers that we sent for Anzac day.

When we had finished at the Garden we went across the road and we went into the riverboat place. Isaiah wrote in the visitors book for us. We all had fun pretending to be Captains on the boat inside.

After that we went to the Tram Shed. We met the people working on restoring the trams. They told us that they are hoping to put the Trams back onto our streets. When we were there we made a video of everyone having a lot around the Tram.

After that we walked across the town bridge and down the long tunnel to the elevator underground. It was really bumpy in the elevator and it was cool seeing how close we were through the little window. When we got up the top we climbed the steps all the way to the top of the Durie Hill Tower. So of us climbed onto the top ans could see all of Wanganui through the cage. Willaim tried to drop a 10c coin onto the ground but it flew away because the wind was so strong.

On the way to the beach William and Nikora fell to asleep. It must of been a long day, but it wasn't over. When we arrived at the Mole we talked about how the big ships used to come in and drop off supplies. After checking that out we had heaps of fun playing. People made sandcastles, wrote in the sand, built huts and we had lots and lots of driftwood guns.

It was such an awesome day out. We loved spending time with our buddies and had lot of fun.

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