Thursday, March 17, 2011

Swimming sports

On Thursday the senior school walked to Wanganui Intermediate to do swimming sports. It was very long and tiring walking there. When we got there we had to get changed in to our togs and line up to get our house letter written on our hand. We had to wait patiently till our events were called. The pool was pretty shallow and cold. After our races we lined up to come back to school. It was getting close to 3pm and we were running out of time, so Ms O'Connor made us run back to school.


  1. I bet is was a very long day at swimming sports. How did you boys get on? Did anyone come 1st 2nd or 3rd in their events?

    From Mrs Larsen

  2. what a lot of kids at your simming sports

    from Ella

  3. wow there is a lot of kids at your swimming sports it must have been lots of fun.
    from studio two

  4. You had a lot of people there! Was it fun? We didn't have that many people at our little swimming pool. I hope your pool was warm!
    from Georgina, Thomas and Byron

  5. what a lot of people at your swimming sports. I wonder if it was as much fun as ours?

    From Eli