Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Felts Writing Activity: The Dragon's Cave

Room 14's writing group Felts have been learning to add detail about people thoughts, feelings and ideas to our writing. This is my story.

One time i was on Mount Olympus. I found a dragon's cave. The dragon's cave was hot and very light. The rocks on the wall were spikey and sharp and wet for some strange reason. I has to light a torch to guide the way. I stumbled through the cave carefully, hoping to find the dragon's gold. It felt like I had been walking for ages when suddenly I reached the end. It got cold very quickly. I looked up and discovered I was staring straight into the snow dragon's glary eyes. I feel back with fright. The snow dragon trapped and breathed ice on me. It froze me. I still stand at that very cave frozen hoping someone will come rescue me one day.

By Kobi

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